Sunday, November 14, 2010

walk like an Egyptian

Well, bwana and I celebrated our 40th  anniversary ( yes, we were married while still in our bassinets or at least it feels that way!)  Egyptian style.  We sailed up the Nile from Aswan to Luxor  on the Oberoi Zahra. It was a magical seven day cruise! I kept on saying pinch me, this is so amazing!  Not only did they spoil us ( fabulous food and superb service) we got into some of the Temples privately! wowie zowie ( ok I'm showing my age!)
High lights of the trip: The Pyramids and the Sphinx! truly spectacular, even with throngs of tourists! You just mentally  block the others out or gently push when they are in your face or picture.                    ( it's a dog eat dog world ya know)

pick us a winner b'wana!

how regal is the camel!  You do realize that's a guard on that camel?

Temple of Abu Simbel, awe-inspiring! and they moved mountains to save the site because of a damn dam!  really!

what a cute couple, smiling in 105 degree heat! is it a sign of sun stroke or are they just crazy honeymooners?

no good pic of the crocs, so this would be epyptian  will have to do!
Kom Ombo the twin Temple of the crocodile headed god Sobek and the Falcon-Headed god Heroreris

dashing in that top hat, what no white tie? but ya got tails

Edfu Temple of the Falcon-Headed Sun God


it's always a good time to do laundry in the nile

Karnak Temple  ( where Johnny carson got his magicians namesake)

nice boob job,  but honey they took off a little too much on the nose!

Temple of Denera where Cleopatra's bath is housed ( sorry no admission)
look carefully is that anthony behind her  or just Richard Burton?
a true beauty and no wrinkles

my all time fav was theTemple of (the famous "Queen size") Queen Hatshepsut.  What colours on the walls

love potion # 9
Finally the Luxor Temple with the unbelievable avenue of sphinxes, can you imagine 2 1/2 miles of sphinxes and palms among the condos!
ya think palm beach might want to emulate?

Conclusion!  It was good to be Pharaoh!

Oops almost forgot Medinet Habu....... what is it?  time for you to do your homework and look it up!
what a drama queen this guard was!
sure I'm a guard, just on my every ten minute smokes break

Bucolic life on the nile , always serene and picturesque!
mush, mush, got to get to the market and buy me some Egyptian cotton 
this truly says it all, the beauty of the Nile on a Felucca !
Hope you enjoyed until next time!