Sunday, January 4, 2015

Photoshop Roundup

The Month of December I challenged myself to make a Holiday card each day!  Below are the cards I created with Photoshop and the Fabulous Graphics Fairy…. Thank You all for taking my journey and enjoy the joys of the New Year…. Creative Flows from the figment of Our Imaginations…. 
what can be more festive than Holiday music, a bell to ring the Holidays in, some Holly berries and a wonderful image of a young boy in winter!

I love the images of ole st nick from Germany or the north of Europe

I love birds (what's not to love) and 9 made the perfect fantasy hannukiah (the menorah) to celebrate the festival of lights

winter is my favorite time of the year…. rosy cheeks, hot chocolate, wine by the fire
I love putti (little italian angles) and who doesn't want to be kissed under the mistletoe ?
Another ole fashion "Pare or Papa Noel"  this time with old time advertising and reindeer of course!

This was my Season Greetings card full of Angles and winter urchins…. Seasons Greetings because there are so many holidays to celebrate!

sledding in Vermont is something my daughter to this day loves to do in winter

winter wonderland, children building snow men and all the world is at Peace!
The rush of …… just before the big night!
The beautiful of a little girl going to grandma's house with her gifts, tree and her best friend

What I wish for all of us!

Father Chirstmas sends his wise wishes!

love this picture colored…. before color photos where in vogue my dad with use crayons on black and white photos to make them in color…. Thanks Dad for your inspirations

my favorite card! It came out so Painterly! of course not a creature was stirring, well maybe the Mice!

Again some music and "Hark an Angle sings"

Christmas day!

Wanting to add an old fashion touch to the end of the year

With wonderful gifts comes grateful thank you's

and so the New Year begins….  I just loved this image of two young ladies with the vintage clothing coming home from work and having to play

Ringing in the new year with hope and renewal

This time of year means going to the ballet and seeing The NutCracker 

High Hope for the New Year….Always be creative and positive
Again I would like to thank you my dear readers, Photoshop, my inspirational teacher PAMELA HUNTINGTON and the Graphic Fairy
Cheers to all for the New Year…. May it all you wish for and then some
Honey Hugs until next time! bz

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Spellbound Part Two

After a sparkling dinner  we had a make n take thanks to spellbinders

these ladies where ready to create…. such cuties Cassie and Susan!
                                                      THE THE SWAPS BEGAN!
little jeweled bags

The packaging is part of the prize!  Thank You FRAN QUINN for my bee bag!
 hope you love my creation as much as I do yours!


ok a cute picture of Carly and Miss Terri

 Teresa is getting good advice from Terri and Carley

cutting the ancestors

 peggy is soldering away with Terri making sure everyone is safe  and creating magic

the usual suspects: cindy,shawn,jane, sandy and charlene

can you tell we had lots of fun?


love the kit!

Pam giving us the details

what a darling in frosty blue!

the embellishments were to die for

Noels in the Making

curing the dolly

stuffing like made

happy to bee in class

 yes they are stinking cute, darlings

we are  giggling and chatting and having fun!

these came out so cute!

next stop Rikki Shumaker's lil heart bracelet!
Rikki teaching her tricks of the trade

hot stuff working with a lil torch and solder!
showing off our bracelets

Next stop the Mercantile a night of Food and Fun! 

a little wine, snacks and shopping of course!

yes, yes, yes…. this was my favorite shop! Yes I brought home some doll heads

The effervescent Lexi selling her magic creations
the kit box is magical

Everyone was so inspired and created unique ballerina's to add to their  theater

Lana, love your colors!

happiness all around

lucky me getting a photo op with The Fabulous Speaker Cecile Shaw and Teresa Young

                                                       LAST CLASS FOR ME WAS THIS DOLY IN A BOX BY BETH QUINN….. SUCH A CUTIE!

                                                    AND IN A BLINK OF AN EYE THE WEEKEND WAS OVER!
saying goodbye is the hardest part of Spellbound! love these fun loving giddy girls Sandy & Cindy

two cuties

rosy cheeks Oh my what that last glass of champagne did!

always ready for a hug  Kim from Spellbinders!

The Rose Bowl flea market was the final curtain on the event! selfless with two of my new besties Elizabeth and Charlotte