Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What shape is your Book?

While in Seattle/Tacoma  I was brought by my friend  Kathi Vezzani to this old very  charming library in Tacoma,  On display was the most  creative books I've seen

who would of thought to make a book  with strips of paper to mimic a bird nest?

a book cascading over a beautifully painted block

die cut to look live leaves

origami folded

open the box for a surprise 

ribbons with a story

home made paper with natures specimens 

rock, scissor, paper

fit for a king or queen

ribbons on a string to tell a tale
This makes me want to spend the day creating a book of my own…. How about you?
Honey Hugs till next time

Saturday, November 22, 2014

BZ's Debute as an Encaustic Instructor

As an Artist, I find we all take many classes to develop a sense of style, form and function.  I found that  the Encaustic medium sang to me.  It opens my mind and heart and creative side.  I wanted to share this passion with others.  Art is You  2014 in Stanford, CT I got that opportunity.   I taught Mono printing with encaustics.
The following pictures show my students engrossed in the process

 There are many ways to make a mono print with encaustics… one is with a traveling iron!

 Hot off the pallet… a mono print is  "pulled"  if your lucky a  "ghost" or second print came be achieved

 Before lunch the class showed what they created…. Ohhhs and Ahhhs where heard across the room

 In the afternoon we worked in different techniques  to produce the makings of a book!

 all smiles as each student showed their work in progress!

Thank you one and all for a most enjoyable class.  The gift of giving was that each student left with a new medium that they could work with.  I was delighted to share my knowledge and love with each and every one of them.  I look forward to teaching more in the future.
Honey hugs BZ

Monday, October 27, 2014

More Fun From the Warm Waxy Week

Trish demonstrating her talents at 

A Gingeranga Moment

Doug at work capturing the Magic

Michele Belto sharing her knowledge

Tar Talk

A reflective moment working with wax

a future instructor

what camp is all about…. smiles of warm waxy creations

students working independently on open studio day

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Falling in Love with #Gudrun Sjoden's new Winter collection

As the days grow shorter and the cool breeze of the Autumn Solstice takes hold, shimmering leaves are dancing to the ground, Fall is in the air….MY FAVORITE SEASON BY FAR!
 chilly nights, sweater weather and mother nature is painting her magic on the sugar maple trees ….. Fall has Arrived!
 Naturally the idea of Shopping for the Fall/Winter Season comes to my mind…….
a wonderful saturday morning at 50 Greene Street,Soho New York….#GudrunSjoden store… Oh how lucky I am to bee friends with such wonderful talented ladies  Karin and Monica standing on a new rug pattern

all dressed up in our Fall #GudrunSjoden attire!
 The Green store on Greene Street, Soho never stops surprising  me with wonderfully colorful displays
whimsical gloves and colorful tights to keep you toasty on cold cool nights

cozy sweater and fun stripe socks

a color collection of stripes and dots

colors galore, warm hats, gloves and boots

a dream of a dress that was featured in the New York Times from a photo shoot at the ICE HOTEL

50 shades of blue "The Window display"

wonderful dress in stripes and colors

an asymmetrical sweater to wear to death and comfy pants to run around  town  looking divine

high tops to walk the High Line in high style 

booties and layering pieces to make the outfit perfect

More cubbies with sweaters and tops

african theme bedding Oh MY!

dotty towels for kitchen and bath

morning delight with coffee mugs and more!

friendly faces to meet you at the door!
The day ended with a wonderful reception at the New Rochelle Library for the New Rochelle Art Association's 99th! juried show!
To top off the day miss BZ (wearing #Gudrun Galore) Won first Prize in the #New Rochelle Art Association  juried competition for Mixed Media
What else did I purchase from the fabulous #gudrunsjoden winter collect?  Well my dears you'll just have to stay tuned.
Honey Hugs for Now!