Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wax Works West….A Weekend with Daniella Woolf

What a fabulous weekend I had at Wax Works West.  Sister's Wendy and Judy's Super Delicious Workshop/Studio in Corallitoes,CA about 90 minutes from San Franciso.  Eight Lucky students got to play in waxy pleasure.  The weekend I went the guest artist was Daniella Woolf.  The class was called the minimalist.

The sweet scent of the warm wax and the luscious  brushes was the first welcome delights as you entered the studio (of course they had coffee and pastries waiting for you to indulge)

each guest space and a unbelievable kit waiting for you  to play with…. All you had to bring was yourself and a brown bag lunch!

we used a torch to seal the deal

how to soak up the wax

BZ's first use of the purple cow pen

Wendy up to her ears with purple cows….. everyone Had to have one!

How to make a pour

snapping the right photo to remember the instructions

playing with india ink

The Gnarly Group, each and everyone a special gal

ooops caught you taking a selfie

learning to paint through paper!

a glam shot of BZ and Wendy

BZ's  work with the purple cow pen
how to use the iron attachment
BZ's playing with the  iron tool and water color

more playing with the tools

looks like mole

a little stencil work

Sunday morning Glam shot with Jan and Daniella, check out everyones cute shoes

such cutie patoties … Judy, Wendy and Daniella

Wendy and BZ

Getting Juicey

wax me baby

collage with a capital W   A    X

That's it folks your turn to play

We're not in Kansas anymore


A proud Moment… showing what we accomplished!

Thank you All for a most Ca ching weekend of fun and learning lots

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hello Kitty

While visiting in  Los Angles, I just had to visit the Japanese American National Museum
The current Exhibit is HELLO KITTY

entrance to the museum

Kitty special dressed for the LA EXHIBIT IN A PURPLE KIMONO AND BLACK HAIR

photo op at entrance… notice everyone received Hello Kitty ears and her trademark red ribbon worn always on her right side

who know they were twins?

Mimmy is Hello Kitty's twin sister and always wears a yellow bow on the left side

 and now the rest of the family……. how cute is that?

The  journey begins

kitty going to school

kitty as a Musician

This woman is called Mama because she is the current designer  Miss Yamaguchi

                                                        Did you know her stats?

                                                           She's a a Japanese girl with an American appetite
The products that have been produced with her image is amazing from hairdryers, cellphone, tv's,telephones and airplanes !

apple pie is her favorite

This girl can fly a plan

head gear for skiing and racing
ride the road

yummy candy

She became an Ambassador for Japan and off course had to have a new Kimono

                                                        follow the path of Hello Kitty's red hair bow

again this was designed just  for the show

I'm a Giant 12 1/2 apples tall!

The next section showed how Hello Kitty was the muse for other Artist…. I love this section!

love the details on this one

I loved this  one, simple, clean lines, the picture just doesn't do it justice

The colors captured my heart 

One of my favorites!

almost good enough to eat… I bet someone has made a cake of her!

Finally the last section was Hello Kitty's inspiration to fashion

ooooppps a Ham got in the way!

Of course who but LADY GAGA would wear this dress!

the details where really amazing!

of course the Paparazzi was every where!

These where painted on the wall for little people to take pics with  Hello Kitty

The Grand Finally Hello Kitty as an Egyptian Queen 

That's it folks,   Hope you enjoyed the visit