Monday, September 15, 2014

Help Save the Elephants Please

Saturday, September 13th, may have been a grey day outdoors, but inside the Gudrun Sjoden store at 50th Greene Street, Soho a wonderful celebration was happening.  #GudrunSjoden has teamed up with Big Life Foundation and VETPAW to help STOP elephants and rhinos from being slaughtered TO THE BRINK OF EXTINCTION!  The fabulous organizations are training East African park rangers and the respective communities to end poaching ( for Ivory) and conserve the endangered species. The festivities of course included refreshments, live african music, speakers to educate the public, and of course specially designed clothing with an African theme by #Gudrun Sjoden.

Two of the lovely #GudrunSjoden ladies with a wonderful display of drinks and snacks

fantastic African music by
Drummer - Hasan Bakr

The store was buzzing with lovely ladies shopping and learn "How to save the Elephants"

The sensational "crew" from Big Life Foundation

a very happy customer, showing off her new outfit with our music man Hasan Bakr

charming ladies visiting from Norway!

 a Big Life foundation speaker  connected with a live feed to head quarters

furry babies were part of the crowed with his mommy outfitted in jeans and a #GudrunSjoden elephant print Tshirt!

a surprise guest speaker who lives and conserves elephant in africa

introducing the Bronx Zoo and what they do to Educate New Yorker on how save African Elephants

The lovely ladies  greeting the guest and collecting donation  to Save the Elephants

Mr. Brandt, a well know photograph, is selling his  fabulous photographer with profits to save the Elephants

#GudrunSjoden's fantastic elephant print t shirts

"Elefant" modal top

Straight-cut and with a fabulous drape, our "Elefant" top is destined to be a fall favorite. Charming elephants plodding along all in row become a lovely all-over print that works with almost everything. 

We donate $8 to the IVORY FOR ELEPHANTS organization to preserve the African elephant when you purchase our delightful “Elefant” top.

dresses are also available in the elephant prints.

The day was a huge success! It's so nice to know that you are purchasing and wearing clothing from a company that believes in helping to make a better world to live in.  For more information on how you can help save the lives of elephants and rhinos please visit:  follow them on Facebook or twitter

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


One of the joys of spending a week at #Encuasticamp is the day we venture and explore the art seen in Seattle.  This year was exception.  We were charmed by the lovely and talented encaustic artist Willow  Bader.  We really lucked out as she had a "give away" sale of some of her works…. many, many visitors walked away happily smiling with a purchase in hand.
Willow, in her studio explain her work and technique

she works larger than life, therefor needing not one or two, but three pallets to work from

she works right on the pallet mixing paint an encaustic medium  (I was drilling over the flow of color on her pallets)

there's a two inch space between pallet and wall to catch the drippings (the intermix of color, brushes and scrapers was intoxicating)

a true artists uniform = uniqueness 

a work for sale ! her work is so vibrate and alive!

working directly on the canvas that has been mounted on the wall with french brackets. she puts her whole heart and soul into her work 

fusing the paint was another dance of sorts

nothing is wasted! charming birds sculpted from wax scrapings  are muses on a cocktail setting

another work ready to sell, it's all about the love of life and enjoy the moments

Paintings of People in motion, dancing, making music, celebrating life.

a photo of Willow's  totally charming husband, the writer Robert Fulghum and one of her fabulous paintings

The Fulghum's Dancing the Tango, a passion for both and a major subject for Willows art
I know I speak for all who had the opportunity to visit this wonderful artist, we all came away breathy, with excitement and ready to challenge ourselves to another level of intensity.  Thank you Willow Bader for allowing us into your studio for a brief moment to share your knowledge with us. To know more about Willow Bader go to  To find out more about her charming husband go to

Thursday, August 7, 2014


The high light of our week of waxy warmth  is the student exhibit on the last night of camp.  We take our name tags and our creative loves and display them for all to admire.  And Admire we all do!  It's so truly amazing to see each and everyone's work.  I am always totally stunned by the creative force that has come together.  Inspiration is flowing like a spectacular waterfall.  What follows is some of the highlights from everyones.  If I omitted someone or their work, please please forgive… as I truly meant to include each and everyone one who showed their wonderful work…. Thank you everyone one from #Encausticamp...