Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall Harvest Party

Fall is the time to celebrate the harvest and for putting gardens to bed.  Fall is a time for rosy cheeks, brisk walks and crunching leaves.  It's my most favorite time of the year.  The aroma of warm apple cider with cinnamon tantalizes your senses.   What better excuse to have a party at the Gudrun Sjödén Store in Soho, New York?

Delicious Swedish cookies

"behind the scenes" Sara glamming up a model

our apple orchard
Sara, the creative lady at the store and Gudrun adding festive last minute touches .  I love the field blouse that gudrun is wearing and the granny booties that Sara has on!

Our beautiful models getting ready (the it scarf).

The heavenly scented candle lady
Photo shoot in front of 50 Greene Street (I'm  in love with the green down coat)
Karin our store manager  with Gudrun
Beautiful Green ladies on Greene Street

"It's all in the family" mother and daughter shopping
Gudrun giving personal attention to a beautiful customer

The lovely plant ladies
Family coming in for a visit 

Admirers of Gudrun happy to chat

Beth the Jam lady…. Oh so delicious

Always lots of questions for our "star".
A moment for some ideas to share
Glam shot of BZ and my pals, Kathy and Karol

A quiet moment for a chat with a long time customer.

Very happy shoppers showing off the new winter bag, oh so green.
Another admirer happy to meet Gudrun.

The wonderful folk singer.

Sylvia Winestock, an Ambassador with Annie both radiant in Burgundy!

More devoted fans, this time from South America, So very excited to meet Gudrun!
A very happy customer showing me the new outfit she purchased.

all smiles

BZ in her favorite fall outfit Pirjo and Zee from the call line center.

Gudrun brings people together! Annie and I met through Instagram and now are good friends!

It was one wonderful day and finally I got to have my photo taken with Gudrun!

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