Thursday, November 19, 2015

I love Paris Anytime!

I was most fortunate to be in Paris in early October. This post now has so much more meaning for me.  Viva la France!

Lucky me, I have relatives in Paris.  Hence I've had the pleasure to have traveled to the city of lights on many occasions.  My dad used to say that B'wana and I know all the stones of Paris.  I love walking in this city of many shades of grey.

I  love architectural features, this one is from the Picasso Museum

I love that she has a black nose

a beautiful door

cafe anyone?

even the moving pallets are beautiful

another fabulous door with wrought iron trim

B'wana in the rain with the famous art nouveau advertising columns 

Wonderful Charlie Chaplin Poster

another door this time wood carved

The entrance to my favorite The Galerie Vivienne is one of the covered passages of Paris, in the second arrondissement. The gallery has been registered as a historical monument since 7 July 1974.

BZ and the cousin's shopping at my favorite store Wolff and Decourtis.  This is the place for THE MOST FABULOUS SCARVES AND SHAWLS!

Fun elements decorate the store.

A bustier perhaps?

A selfie through the mirror admiring all the beautiful scarves.

Only 24 are made of each pattern.

The delightful wolf,
and the boys paying for our gifts.

 The "passage" (covered market) is the original Mall

A glass ceiling allowing light in and indoor cafes that have the feel of being outdoors for lunch or a drink, great for people watching
Charming tile floors and arches grace the main hallway.

I love the windows in the Nathalie Garcon's Shop.

I love the colors and design,

too much fun,

just one more
Here is a captivating green mannequin inviting you into  a florist shop.
A charming old sign, "buy and sell" books.

I love the old archway door to the book store.

Look! The French love to window shop and really do wear berets!

This is a super special sculpture of a woman (it's a chair) at  the Yuri Torii shop.
cardboard bears playing in a toy shop

My favorite french lunch = frizzé salad with slab bacon and a poached egg with a glass of wine of course!

Jeanne on the right at her wonderful boutique (that's where my necklace comes from).

Notre Dame and the fab gargoyles,

the Splendid Eiffel Tower,
 only in Europe can you find a shop that sells only fresh mustard.

Here is an iconic  french corner cafe, empty in the rain,

you know it's fall when you can smell the chestnuts roasting on the streets.
Of course there are the iconic metro signs,
pork is king, a plate decoration at a small local bistro,
 the one and only Berthillon's for the very best Ice Cream on the ile de la cite
 Palais Royal
Willi's is my favorite wine bar in Paris.  Not only does it have a great selection of wine and super food,  each year Willi has an artist design a poster that's fantastic.  They are collectors' items (I have one decorating my NYC Kitchen).
Here is the glass pyramid at the Louvre.
BZ is très chic in Paris!

Au revoir!   Until we meet again.  Hope you enjoyed a gimps of Paris BZ style
Let's keep Paris in our Prayers


  1. I loved seeing Paris through your eyes BZ aFascinating glimpse of the City

    Holding Paris in my thoughts

  2. Just such a fabulous retrospective of a slice of Paris, told from a charming discerning eye!
    Totally enjoyed it!
    Our hearts and prayers are with the Parisian people.

  3. Thank you for sharing - love the picture of the boys paying for your gifts! That place looks fabulous. oxo

  4. Thank you for taking us along. I hope to get there one day but for now,seeing your beautiful photos and descriptions, is the best best thing.xo Cat