Sunday, October 18, 2009


Well after a very long learning curve, I'm giving it a whirl. Trying for me, this new thang called a blog!
This weekend was a total blast! I can't show you any pic's 'cause Miss sallianne has all my picures! but I can share with ya'll my poem that I the non writer composed! Here it is!

To Sal & Ellen, the gals who are swell!

& all who attended, ring that Tea Bell,

Here are some Jabberwocky of memories for you!

Art-Is-You 2009

Sue L’s quotes written, started, on line

The Rabbit hole to jump into was at the beginning of your stay

The Queen of Hearts playing cards, Ellen & Sal ushering the way

No Husbands

No children

No cooking to do.

Old friends with free hugs, lines deep

New friends with free hugs by the heap

Do you have a trade I can keep?

Beautifully crafted,

outrageously conceived,

Having Tea with Alice, ID tags

Ferric chloride solution

etching on metal, wiping with rags

Taryn the Mad Hatter

Muffy’s Chapeau

The Many Hat’s of Keith “Le Beau”

Zippered earrings

Hot Tub soaks

7 am wake-up calls

Autumn Leaves crunching, beneath my feet

Hot steaming coffee

Journaling with Mrs. Pom

Photo journalist for the day

setting up The Market Place, it did bustle

Was all happening on that first day, hustle

“Who is she anyway?”

no popcorn in site

To Market, To Market ( Oh what a night)

To shop?......well just a bit!

Then off to Sweet Dreams

The pillow we hit.

New ideas dancing in our minds, still alit!

My Cupi is off to a new land & home

a Vineyard in Australia, she is to roam

Tea Cup Challenge,

A chance at Somerset Mag,

A basket of sewn kittens,

Flamingo’s with a heart

T’was all included in this weekend of Art.

Soldering my inheritance, I did lot’s of dribble

Kecia, a new teacher, so cool, collected, did not quibble

Rebecca & Jane gave me moral support

so I was able to show off my work at night court

The Night ending in Nicole’s felting class

with good ol’e Ann being naturally crass!


the two of us together were busy as a bee

Lot’s of new trinkets where Parade that night


Coptic Pens,

Prince Charming was Lois’s delight!

Pamela’s Wonderland Journal was the next class I tried

Can it be near the end?.........Oh no I cried!

But Colleen, Laura & Traci their sewing, ever so grand

BZ, Elizabeth,& Jane sprang to the machines to give it a hand

Violet Crumbles still awaited

Doris, Mimmi,the doll girls, stated

An explosion of things to do & see, still awaited

visits with:

The Art Girlz, Linda & Tracey

Dime store Dayz, Terri

Domino necklace by Diane RH

Icons with Janette

Book Signing Lisa Kettell

Lillian Albertti, Kimberly too

This list is way too short & naming just a precious few

We Miss you Mr. Lesley, and your De lish scones too!

OMG! Tim Tams!

Huge Hugs to the Mum!


Making rebar wire into rivets

Look Ma, I can use a drill!

but who can sit still?

smiles galore!



The magic continued!

carrot cake,

chocolate cake,

heavenly pies,



saying good byes!

I ended my lessons with my new BF, Keith Le Bue

The New Yorker in me, Paper Paraphernalia,

A new knowledge of glue

Eileen Retiring?

Mc Tea Pot inspiring!

Car trip to Harbour Freight

Missing lunch so we wouldn’t be late

& Dick Blick was not my fate!

Xcited! Xhilarated! Xhausted!

but grinning like a Cheshire Cat

I strolled into the car for a long ride I sat

So this is the end of my “cute” little ditty

I hope you have smiled, and enjoyed every bitty

On the Horizon, New Adventures are Beckoning

Sparkling Ruby Slippers, Wicked Witches Reckoning

Rainbows of magic & new inspirations await,

2010’s Yellow Brick Road, It’s what’s held in our fate.

So I bid you adieu, as I hear the call of my mate

YA WHOO THE BZ DID IT!!!!!! copied & pasted, one more step closer to learning how to use the amazing machine MISS MAC!

Well, folks that's it for now will add recipes & travel log in the near future, this is way to cool. hugs bz

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