Friday, October 22, 2010


  Shrieks of Delight, Squeals of Sheer Joy, Big Bear Hugs, Kiss Kiss Kiss, Smooches, little touch down dances.......these are the sounds & acts that initiate the begin of the 4th year of Art-Is-You East Coast Retreat.  Suddenly the lobby of the the hotel is a flutter with shuttling of Mixed Media Art Supplies. Flamingos are everywhere directing you on the yellow brick road.  Ruby Slipper Name Tags await you.

The night begins with a WICKEDLY GOOD ART CRAWL....... a make and take ( oh course too many wonderful tables of art to choose from!)   no sooner than we arrived was the SURPRISE .....GRAND ENTRANCE OF GLINDA AND DOROTHY ( they did not arrive by bubble,  it was in the shop for annual tune up, such timing !)  Of course we were dressed in our wickedly good/bad finest.... long black skirt, green for envy facial makeup,  red and white stripe hose, ruby red shoes,vintage hat ( a little french touch) and our de rigeur black bird insouciantly perched on our shoulder.   Shy that we are, Oh course we joined the photos fest. Oh and did I not mention while all the festivities were going on we were treated to an ice cream social as well?  Those ever so cleaver gals Ellen and Sal think of everything!

DAY ONE!  IT ALL BEGAN WITH.......INSPIRATION FROM THE DEVINE MRS POM...Ok now lets all draw the person in front of you, but with your non dominate this liberating? or an extra-tertestial experience......that should get your  creative blood going for the day!

My first class was with the Super Special  MS Pamela Hastings "Dancing On the Edge"....
ok so I was inspired with:
Chimney Sweep tool
a rusty baby carriage wheel
"the scary baby doll head that lived in my kitchen and freaked out my daughter and hubby"
a very large wooden spool of thread left over from my fathers dress company factory ( circa 1947)
a few drawer pulls
apoxie sculpt
wham bam...the carnival man was born
second half of class produced disco baby!  She is now gracing my entrance hall from the festival of Halloween.
5:30 Anyone who was Anyone was at the Bar for the LAUNCH OF HOT FLASH  poetry/story telling by MiZ Bee and Merillee, book signing by our very own  Pamela Hastings. Finally the announcement that MIZ Bee 's hONey cOmb cOTaGe would be next years Charity.....Everyone attending was filled with joy!
Finally, was the best saved for last that evening? we Had a PJ's Party with the brilliant, and oh so cute MICHAEL ALBERT.......creator of CEREAL dreamy of all things attended my high school!  he even knew my social studies teacher (don't ask)......Who new what magic can be produced from cereal boxes? what fun.....Ok pass the cheerios box I need the yellow and the r..........

DAY TWO....jumping jacks with Mrs. Pom and some creativity exercises for journaling .....Off to a day filled with major anticipation!  Take on Photoshop!  Of course the Beautiful, and Very Talented Pamela Huntington couldn't have made the class less frightening and more delightful .....Now I have to remember layers, brushes, shadows.......the day flew by.......

THE MUM LOVES my Hot Pink feathered belt with the burlap "pockets full of miracles" So of course I un tied it and wrapped it on her!....... It's the start of THE EAST COAST TRUNK plus THE MIRACLE OF YOU ART AUCTION BENEFITTING THE BABY FACE FOUNDATION....
Let's have dessert first!  A stroll around the vendors  hmmmmmmm I want one of each  damn decision, decision. Now let's take a final walk about of the Superb Silent Auction with donations from students, teachers and vendors.......will I bid always does!

Jump outta bed before the sunrise. Put everything you own on, use a long sleeve t as a scarf, as it's the first frost of the autumn season! IT'S TIME TO GO TO ELEPHANTS TRUNK!  The finds were keepsake treasures!  They were truly worth the biting cold weather ( the sun did rise and warm the buns)
for me it was :
old photographs
vintage 40's beaded bag
skimmer/boater hat
trinkets to add to my jewelry
a little starbucks to recharge with and then it's off to PHOTOSHOP TWO WITH PAMELA HUNTING......I get it.... so much better......maybe I can be as creative as ms pamela.

 Like a dream, another day flies's dress up time for dinner .... instant gratification....let's add the skimmer hat and vintage bag to my ensemble...just perfect I'm ready for the WICKEDLY GOOD BANQUET WITH JO PACKHAM of Where woman create fame.  WHAT A GRAND FINALLY (DESSERT) TO END A MOST FABULOUS WEEKEND
Suddenly it's a rush of goodbyes  kiss, kiss, kiss....most are off to pack.   Our Bubble is about to burst and ART- IS YOU will be a golden memory...

MONDAY MORNING BLUES..........most of the world is abandoning ship!  BUT I have one mo class! with the colourful DIANA TROUT! Great Music, a little yoga stretch and we are on the road to leaning new techniques  to brighten/spill onto our journals...........whoosh it's four o'clock the class is over.  Oh, where is the damn bubble when you need it, to whisk away all of my stuff?  OMG!  even better I got THE MAN... SCOTT to help escort my stash to the front door.  Mr. Wonderful and Louie the 14th were ready with hugs.  Me I'm all smiles on the outside......but my body and soul don't want to click those damn ruby slippers and go home.... oh heck!  There is the Homestead with magical class, March Madness to look forward to.  A slow smile comes forth from my soul as.....I have some sensational memories and NO WICKED WITCH  can take that away from me......


  1. what a wonderful recap of the event; thanks for sharing!

  2. Betti,
    Such a lovely post and thank you so much for your
    very sweet words... I am just thrilled you liked
    the class!!


  3. did a great tribute to the "Yellow Brick Road" but I know that we will all bee together again but on another road for our paths to meet and again it will be a GREAT road to travel...miss ya.. have a honey of a day Bee 2 Bee (I love our picture) xox ;) Marlene

  4. Great to see the event through your eyes. Keep up the good work.

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