Friday, October 21, 2011


This was the 1st AIY that I missed..... My heart was aching....missing all my friends.....jet lagged I got up super early and made the trekkkkk to Danbury just in time to have breakfast and say Hello/Goodbye
The breakfast crowd,were just a wee bit tired with happiness from a fab event
Annie, Kecia,Jane, Carol, Di, & JoannA

All smiles with Ruth Rae & Kecia

Loey doing her magic......sprinkle the paint darling

Linda & Dawn......with tired, but Glowing Gold

Miz Bee buzzing around

kathi & Tracy designing a pair of jeans.... To Die 4 

michelle beaming with her piece from Jodi's ohs class

another happy camper,  I just loved her color combo

Loey & Toto said, but filled with new knowledge at the end of a great event
I was so very glad I got to surprise the gals and get a tiny bit of AIY in my veins...... LOEY COUNT DOWN PLEASE FOR NEXT YEAR!

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  1. so glad you stopped by betti! it wasn't the same without you!