Saturday, November 5, 2011


We were out with our cousins to the GreenMarket today .... And the cousin looked at me and said what's with the pumpkins, Halloween is over?   Ah my friend, I said....... It isn't over until ThanksG...Ya, think the pilgrims chucked their pumpkins out?..... No Way... They started baking and decorating with them.......Here's mine
a straw pumpkin, a sugar coated one too, add a little green paper , some strawberry corn and a turkey or two

a bushel or a peck?  A basket of seasonal goodies, greets our  guest when the elevator door opens

Top Hat is spruced up for the Turkey Trott

IT'S ROSY CHEEK WEATHER!  SO PUT ON A HEAVY SWEATER OR  WARM VEST & ENJOY THE MOMENT.  BOY DOES THAT SUN feel good on your back when you take a brisk walk.  The leaves that are left crunch beneath your feet!  I 'm thinking warm apple cider, a donut or a crisp apple..... I'm thinking THANKSG..... What's the menu going to be and how shall I decorate the table?   Warm autumnal colors of course! Stay tune to the menu and recipes.  Get into the spirit.

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