Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Miss Mabel Meow's Memories

I had the pleasure to attend this years PAPERCOWGIRL,  in charming Waxahachie, Texas, the gingerbread capital of Texas.   Makes you hunger to go doesn't it?  Among the classes ( all supercalafragalisticly superb!   Here is the Memory book I made from Lisa Mcilvan's class.   I did kitties for my relatives.... victorian of course.   Hope you all enjoy

miss mable meow

Hide and seek by the author

Uncle Fester and Aunt Silvia

Everyday is a birthday!

Mother mable shopping!

rolls of fun

cousin Mozart the conductor

the chauffeur, Sidney

Aunt Rose

Uncle Isaac

Sister Sophie

French cousin Claude

Me & BZ

Aunt Matilda

walking in the rain

Wedding Day

Silvia at the Globe in Shakespeare "Richard the Turd"

Sweet dreams for Sweet Pea

Feisty  Gracie dancing the Tarantella

Rachael out for a buggy ride

Felicia fishing for compliments 

Harry, Henry, Harold planning Halloween

The Prom with Hector

Gatsby and the Gang

His Royal Highness Hilton Archibald Turd 

Aunt Agnes and cousin jacob

Mama Me

High Tea with Shana and Gilbert

Keepsakes of the past
This is a work in progress with more embellishments to come, but I just had to post what I've been up to.   LISA, YOU ARE THE BEST.... THANKS FOR A MOST WONDERFUL AND MEMORABLE CLASS....HOPE YOU LIKE MY CREATION.

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  1. Betti! It just looks amazing,you are doing a fantastic job. Wish I could see it in person. Love the kitty images! of course. :)