Thursday, November 14, 2013


A few weeks ago we had a cousins reunion at our place. I took the group to mass moca, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art located in North Adams,MA.  The museum was originally an old mill powered by the stream that ran through the town.  A visit is always a treat to the eyes & mind.  

                                                       Banners announce the shows inside

Two of my favorite artists

My Sentiment to a T

                                                          A family gathering

The old factory walls, doors, nuts & bolts were left untouched because of there creative beauty

BZ loving the color & graphics of Sol Lewitt

Xu BINGS  Phoenix, had my friend Michael DeMeng spirit all over his creations

                                                         Close up of found objects that make up the Phoenix

                                                     look closely =     Cigarette "Art" by Xu Bing

A long view of the Phoenix 

                                                       Play of light on a studen & factory windows

                                           Head of the great mythical bird THE PHOENIX                    

                                                part go the wing (the birds, there were two) were huge spanning a                                                                        football field!
                                                               Two views of the tail

                                                           Wing span!

Road runner


Face of the Phoenix 

                                                           Check it out and make plans to visit.