Friday, January 30, 2015

Ballet and the Art of Dustin Yellin

I love Ballet!   The music and movement.  The cacophony of color in my minds eye from the mix of the   all the elements involved intermingling.  The endless possibilities  that arise.    New York City Ballet is in their third year of an Art series that goes on view on the Promenade.  Sculptures by the Red Hook, Brooklyn artist Dustin Yellin.  The series is called "Psychogeographies" fifteen of the one hundred are on view.  They are technically astounding, involving compiling clips and fragments taken from a taxonomy of paper cuttings arranged on huge glass slides, individually layered, which are then fused together to create 3-D sculptures of the human form. 

The artist feels his sculptures are like "maps of our psyche"

DNA maps, marked with images found in our collective consciousness that's extrapolated into media

"They're sort of these humans trapped inside of these microscope slides that are made up of this cultural DNA"

Each sculpture is like a frozen explosion

"They're born from a synthesis of art and science"

The Terracotta Army  in Xi'an, China was an initial source of inspiration

All "notes" where taken form the article in the New York City Ballet Playbill written by Luke Crisell
The pictures only show you one dimension and just a fragment of the true life of each sculpture.  You just got to be there to really enjoy the magic!