Thursday, February 12, 2015


 The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan has one or two costume exhibits a year.  The last one was on the subject of Mourning attire.  The exhibit started with the showing of "mourning Jewelry"

Then we got to see illustrations of proper attire from magazine article of the time or published books

Children also wore mourning attire.  note the white collar and blue shawl, letting us know that this was late stage of mourning 

Mourning Evening Dress

Mourning Walking Dress

Mourning Morning Dress

 Finally, the main attraction the costumes themselves!  I loved the simplicity of the mannequins, white with white hair.  It was all about the garments!

The paisley shawl of the left was outstanding!

detail of the above outfit

I loved the details on these last three garments… The craftsmanship was divine! I only wish we could afford these details in todays clothing!
I hope you enjoyed my journey.
Honey Hugs till next time BZ


  1. Thanks for taking us along. Beautiful drawings.

  2. Betti, I loved this post.. Mourning Jewelry has always been a favorite of mine and your pictures of the details of the exhibit are stunning.. thank you so much for sharing this with us..! xo

  3. Oh I can reach out and touch these treasures. Thank you for sharing with this arm chair traveler. Hugs...Charlotte