Thursday, June 25, 2015

Part One: of my Sensational Stockholm Sweden Adventure with The Gudrun Sjoden Company

I was over the moon delighted to be invited to join the New York ladies from the Gudrun Sjoden, Soho store to  Stockholm Sweden for the Fall Kick Off.  The" Fall Kick Off", is when the company officially shows the clothing to their store managers, store display team and some very special sales associates. It was a world wind trip full of activities,  delightful sights,  delicious meals and "Behind the scenes"…. join me!

 Began with a wonderful "Smörgåsbord" for breakfast.  What's better to cure jet lag than a great spread? ok good Fika (read on to discover what Fika is)!
BZ in her favorite Bess dress and the fabulous Marlena in Melissa

Karin, the New York store manager decked out  Gudrun Style  and looking ravishing (no jet lag!) 
The Smörgåsbord breakfast :whole grain breads, fresh veggies, meats and cheese galore!  Who can ask for anything more mouth watering delicious?

and here is the all important FIKA = coffee or Kaffe

I always get excited seeing ladies wearing Gudrun all over town

After having the opportunity to window shop (alas no I did not buy a thing, REALLY).

 I had the pleasure to join the display team  for lunch outdoors at the charming restaurant
 Blä Porten Cafe 
The court yard at the restaurant for lunch al fresco

The fabulous Monika and the display team

The talented Beauties from Germany and Scandinavia  enjoy lunch in the sun

my weakness = desserts to swoon for!

I am still dreaming of this" D vine " rich, moist,  coconut chocolate "Tosca" cake

The wonderful Åsa was our shining guide and leader

I love these hanging lights… They decorate most of the stores and you can buy them on line!

Åsa and Marlena on the narrow streets  of "Glama Stan" Old Town

 Narrow cobbled stone streets with charming views are the delights of Glama Stan
I love this old sign telling you  Dentist/ hygienist
Reading the newspaper or your phone, enjoy a coffee or an open face sandwich at the open air cafe

Hello Cecelia and Bonnie from the Flagship Store
 I had to share another street scene, look at those ocher colored walls!

...and  you never know who you'll run into when you stroll the delightful streets
Two proud "frogs" Frenchmen dressed as Dragons,

 So exciting!  The Gudrun Store in Old Town, I love the flower boxes above the store window
I love Maria's head wrap!
Green plants everywhere
So true, Gudrun Sjoden has a green thumb and a Green Soul
This store has a greenhouse! birdsongs included
my "five seconds" of Modeling.  What do you think?
 Pattern on pattern (in the dressing room)

Sweet plants and Gudrun water colors = a great combination

 a draw full of plants
A  happy shopper with her new dress
 Hubbies can sit comfortably while the ladies shop.
  Marlene with the lovely Fati, she is all smiles.

Please sign the guest book and sit a while

 A Beatles style hairdo!
 I love the architectural doorway.

The linens look so inviting… I was told since the winters are long and dark… Scandinavians love to have color in their home!
So I end with a delightful floral arrangement… flowers were everywhere

More to come and share, as the Stockholm Adventure Continues...Soon


  1. Looks like fun, Betti! I always enjoy reading about your adventures.