Monday, January 10, 2011

cara cara oranges know how

cara cara oranges are navel oranges or red navels.  They are sweet and low in acid.  Many markets are starting to carry them now.  They are easy to find at large emporiums like COSTCO
cut top & bottom ends off
cut the skin and pith (white stuff) 
to make an orange slice called a supreme, with a paring knife cut between the membrane
another view of cutting between the membrane
squeeze the membrane to release the rest of the juice
an additional way to serve the orange is to cut it horizontally into slices.  They are delicious for breakfast in cereal or yogurt. Great in salads & wonderful broiled for dessert.
Stay tuned for a recipe with CARA CARA ORANGES

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  1. Oh...that orange looks so very yummy! I will for sure be on the lookout for these sweet guys! Thank you for sharing.