Wednesday, September 19, 2012


"The ZUCKER GIRLS OUT DID THEMSELVES ". The duo of BZ & JORDAN, chefs for the family & friends evening dinner party to usher in the new year, were very pleased with the success of their endeavors. Kudos to their fabulous contributors Laney & Beansie. Menu for the evening:
Naturally an opening blessing over the wine, challah, honey & apples
We started with: grilled kale, ricotta & plum salad served with crostini of grilled tuna nicoise oozing with baby pear tomatoes from the local farmers market.
Next course was lamb & figs with honey & rosemary (plucked fresh from Jordan's garden) served with corn pudding that included pancetta & chanterelles. Poor B'wana we forgot the signature dish of Brussels sprouts with garlic & ginger in the fridge ( thanks for all that hard work bwana)
D sert was amazing! Apple cinnamon rice pudding pops, b
Beansie's zucchini apple bread & ( it ain't LA without it) Suzicakes red velvet( oops my hips just enlarged just by the thought of it) Cake
Of course lots of wine, laughter & good cheer was had by all

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