Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bali Hi!

There's something about  Bali, yes its an island with beautiful beaches, but it's more.  It's the people Hindu mostly, who are kind and caring.  Everyday life is full of spiritual believes and myths.  It's the culture, the food and the arts always ever present.

a beautiful smile greets me as I arrive

Lulu with our welcome drink

passion fruit juice and lemongrass fresh and fragrant

Frangipane blossoms are everywhere

Pebbles found on the black volcanic beach

The daily offerings, each color has a meaning and has to be placed just so!

a weeks worth of offerings stacked  

bright colors of breakfast fresh blended fruit juice

visiting an artist know for  weaving double ikata

At Charlie's chocolate factory with "A Goose"

water and sculpture play an important part of the history

I just love what the moss creates on these stautes

time for snorkeling!

art is found at every corner

a beautiful sculpture enhances a busy intersection

old scared carving are kept in a special place in the temples

May I offer you good health

another look at luxury 

encaustic camp at it's most beautiful simplest form

a fabulous artist and friend

the costumes, the stories, the dance!

nature surrounding us with pure artistic bliss

water elements to bring a calming tone to the day

exploring the medium at encausticamp 

delicious papers to play with

a wonderful time to sew

shop till you drop or one martini too many?

offerings ready for the next morning

playing with batik

drawing on a stretched canvas or stamping… what's your pleasure?
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bz pencil drawing, yes what a surprise a bumble bee!
using the jaunting tool
the flame that keeps the wax warm

a work in progress the first wax paint and dry

the glorious natural colors

hand made paintbrushes

more students working on their batik creation

indigo dye

fabric being soaked in indigo

a piece dries in the sun

happy campers

a cooking class begins with fresh vegetable from the market cut and ready to be cooked

the students surrounds the chef

 grating fresh coconut

The feast ready to be served

a mother, a son and a wonderful new friend

all hugs

to friends enjoying a moment

miss judy taking a whack at wood carving

a glorious temple in the heart of Ubud

Do you need a Taxi, I'm your man!

The pizza party and our last goodbyes… with the aussie sistah's

ok I took another piece of Pizza, it was delicious

parting shot, bz and the master carver, who worked equal on my piece to make it look fabulous!  Thank You

Time fly by like nobodies business! We learned and conquored so many new experiences.  It was bliss, paradise, over the moon.   I hope you all get your chance someday to enjoy Bali too
until next time. Honey Hugs of Love BZ


  1. Looks like you had a great time. Love those paintbrushes.

  2. Wow BZ! What an amazing trip!
    Looks like you took in so much!!!
    Can't wait to sit down and hear more!!

  3. What an experience, looks heavenly!
    Your bee design worked so well, loved the colours and vibrancy of Bali, thanks for sharing