Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Santa Fe through my eyes

a natural beauty and Historian

color galor

folk art at every corner

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The beauty of the stars

breakfast under the umbrellas

time for dancing horses

a bedroom full of color and pattern 

a parade to honor our little ones

a chariot fit for a princess
my dear cousin ready for our next adventure

The charming Inn of the Five Graces

The beauty of the mountains, sky and clouds

the simplicity in a pose

The colors on the road are so captivating

a meal that is not only a feast for the eyes but the mouth as well
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cousins enjoy time together
a man with a coat of many color and just 5 degrees of separation  

It was my first visit, but surly not my last.  I love the country, creative art, the color and the sounds…. Honey Hugs till next time. BZ

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  1. What beautiful pics! I've always wanted to visit SF!