Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Very Memorable Memorial Weekend as Gudrun Sjoden Returns to New York

We have been wishing and patiently waiting for two year for our wonderfully talented GUDRUN SJODEN to return to the USA
We decided to make an Garden Party Event for the Weekend… Everyone was invited!

Can you tell how excited we were to see her?

Our "Swedish Movie Star" with a mother and daughter from Washington DC

Karin, our store manager (Melissa top) greets a good friend

The first customer of the day, with the very talented Rosita (Ã…renpris top), showing off her new purchase of the black Carmencita dress)

Delicious lemonade was served with a big smile by the effervescent , Marlena (melissa top)
I love the eco-friendly,cloth shopping bags, perfect when shlepping something in New York

A tree peony, mimicking  the colors of the new May Collection

Summer Inspirational Collection on view

Shades of Blue on display

This customer loved our clothing so much that after she purchase one outfit, she decided to shop some more!

Flowers from the local market and Arranged by Gudrun,   were displayed around the shop…. I was drooling over the incredible  colors that were selected in this arrangement: deep maroon, hyacinth blue and a larkspur pink

Everyone who works for Gudrun Sjoden are extra special, like Annie, who accompanied Gudrun from Stockholm, Sweden
BZ is wearing her favorite dress from spring THE BESS DRESS
The SPRING HOME COLLECTION = luscious colors, perfect for outdoor dinning

Everyone wanted a Photo Op with "Our Celebrate"…. both beautiful ladies showing off the PASSIONATE ROSES….I just love the DETAILS of embroidered trim!

Part of the fun was seeing what Gudrun Outfit the customers were wearing.  This lovely  and stylish lady wore the comfy cozy felted coat from The Spring Hong Kong collection
The store was dazzling!
Another view of the Home Goods,  I wanted one of each!

Time for  a chat….. That's what it's all about.  The wonderful lady on the right had on the April Tunic and tights 

Gudrun's China Rose Slippers…. so comfy and fun to wear

summer sandals  ready to  stroll into summer ( or  for those in the know = they are super cute with socks  when  the early morning's nip is still in the air)
BZ excited and layered to meet and greet Gudrun, I just love walking in these incredible  green napa leather oxfords (we all know how I love COLOR WITH A CAPITAL C)

OMG…. I finally got to meet my instagram  friend Dog Mother!  She looks so adorable wearing the embroidered ballon pants and matching tunic in aubergine.  BZ is decked out in the  Gullviva dress and Meiling shawl

Love this customers purple coat!  Looks like she is loving our  May collection!

The very talented Bibi Faber entertained us with Song
A little "flower shop" with wildly wonderful blossoms was set up in the store….. the scent was heavenly

Yummy treats of fruit and veggies all party of the Garden Party

"I love your clothing" announced this  charming lady

Two Art Sisters and Gudrun Lovers! Kathi and Katie…. (love Katie's stripe dress!)

A delightful shopper wearing the Best dress in deep Blue… I adore her purple hair, can you guess what her favorite color is?

Our very own Ambassador from Rochester, New York…. Sari,   So very glad you where able to join us for the Weekend!

The models where all young and  gorgeous!  The cotton knit dot sweater  (textured patterned cardigan) in my favorite color: apple (new york) Greene

Check out the Check out!
The Passionate collection on a beautiful model and Gudrun Fan!

The girls brighten up the room don't you think?

Your never fully dressed with out a SCARF...

Pattern and stripes work so well together when you have Gudrun designing!

  What''s A Garden Party with out a little  "nosh"

"Behind the Scenes" the ladies getting ready to  model outside on the Streets of New York

One of the embroidered belts working so beautifully with roses

A  hand made floral crown….. Did you know that the necklace is from Gudrun?

Sarah our Creative New York Director wearing "Sun and Sand" Florencia  tunic, with two of our "sweet family" customers!  I spy both Gudrun Fan's wearing Gudrun from past collections!

with iPad in hand,  an admirer, asks for a photo 

Karin and Bibi singing ABBA songs in swedish!

Beautiful Friends!  That's what you get when shopping in Gudrun Sjoden Shops

Even Doggies, like Lillie were invited to the  Garden Party

Four young ladies had to come  for their first visit, The were  oohing and ahhing , repeatedly saying I love this store!

Karin was given a flower crown,   "just like for summer solstice " she cried

My most favorite part of the day was meeting the lovely women on the right.  She made my heart sing, WHY? Because she told Gudrun, she never felt beautiful until she start wearing her clothing! Wow!

Art Girls all in a Row!

Love Kathi's scarf from the winter collection and  Karin wearing the Florencita lace back dress

Rosita, you look beautiful!
"The Watercolorist " at work

This wonderful lady told us that two generations wear Gudrun clothing in her family… Today she was buying for her mom, and of course found something to love for herself!

How lucky am I? Here are two of  Gudrun Sjoden Ambassadors with store manager Karin

Can you tell that the two ladies flanking me are Mother and Daughter?  

Outside the shop on Greene Street Soho New York

Even fabulous Men wear our stripe shirts!  Always a Winner

How do we say thank you for a most amazing Memorial Weekend?
Everyone at Gudrun Sjoden wishes you all a wonderful Holiday.


  1. You so beautifully captured this memorable GA garden party, BZ!!!
    Wish I could have been there with you!

  2. Wonderful photos, BZ...thanks for sharing....the best of course, was seeing my art sisters. Wish I could have been there too.

  3. Looks like such a fun event pics r great