Thursday, May 7, 2015

Color Blooms while my Houston Friends visits the Big Apple

Finally I heard the birds chirping a song of Spring!  My friend from College who lives in Houston was visiting.  Our Spring, in NYC feels like winter to her but with flowers bursting into bloom

The side streets of New York bursting with blooms
 Of course knowing me a visit to New York City is not complete with a Stop at Gudrun Sjoden!

The Spring/Summer 2015 Home collection is dripping with my favorite colors! 

Barb, feel in love with this scarf….. so many ways to wear it!

These seat pillows calls for a dinner party outdoors 

yummy pillow rolls, perfect to put behind your back or under your knees after a days work

Sara, the stores interior design decorator created a wonderful oasis  in store!

Bar B Que time! 

flirting with a customer! we were wearing the same Gudrun Sjoden Shoes.   I can walk for miles in mine!

The fabulous creative and stylish Sara

I always have to have a picture with store manager Karin.  You feel like home, visiting with good friends each time you visit the Gudrun Sjoden store
showing off my blues…. Gudrun Style!

Finally with Shopping bag filled with a sweater and two scarves we left to enjoy the spring flowers in the Park

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